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  • Based on what you have learned to the end of Module 5, outline in point form an interdisciplinary marketing strategy you could use to promote yourself via a portfolio website (200 words). This could include CMS tools learned in this subject, SEO strategies, print, audio and video.


  • Using SEO to make the site google friendly


  • Adding social media to enforce an authentic profile/portfolio


  • Making sure the site is secure


  • Utilizing ALT keys on all photos and uploaded files for SEO


  • Making sure the site is user friendly and loads quickly


  • The site must be Device happy



  • How do you understand the WordPress Loop and how would you use it to display a list of blog posts?


The word press loop is useful in order for the developer and site to establish and display information relevant to the time, date, page and user.

It’s a quick technique used to display other information about each post using the appropriate code set with the current post’s information and will continually work while The Loop is running.


For blogs it is useful for constant relevant information. Page info, date info and even server info. All dependent on the blog itself.




  • What is the function of a WordPress template? (200 words)

A template, WordPress or otherwise, is useful but not essential to building a site platform. By utilizing a template the designer is utilizing what a developer would build and creates a site, unique, but with the building block formulated previously.

Templates are a great and necessary part of web design if the designer wants to quickly create each and every page and aspect of a site.


  • What is the function of Categories and Tags within WordPress and how have you utilised these? (200 words)

Both tags and categories are utilized to sort content within a site.

Categories are a broader filing system, creating general topics. Categories are hierarchical

Tags are created as specific details of your posts, tags are not hierarchical.


  • What steps did you need to take to implement Google Analytics into your site?

First you need to log into your google account and acquire the analytics code from once in you will need to go to “Get Tracking ID”  you will need to dictate the selected website you wish to track.

Adding the analytics plugin is an easy way to complete the process.

After adding the plugin, entering the analytics settings, you will be asked to authenticate the google account. After this adding the tracking code within the website is the last action needed.




  • What plugins have you deployed and why? How have you deployed and configured them with discussed examples and screenshots?


  • SEO – backend necessity


  • Word fence – back end protection


  • Google analytics – backend info needs


  • Typed – aesthetic typing Java Script


  • All in one WP migration – exporting tool if needed


  • Instagram feed- shows socials on from end


  • Photo gallery – lightbox


  • Simple social icons – nice looking icons


  • Tiny MCE advanced – visual editor


  • W3 Total Chace – performance plugin


  • Widget kit- tool kit


  • Yootheme – theme / templates


  • Word fence – security


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