Sam R Profile

Sam Rowlands, Light sculpture 'Untitled no.1'.


    Samantha Rowlands

  • FROM:

    Rural NSW. Currently located in Sydney.

  • HAS:

    A dog and a motorbike.


    Making weird light sculptures. 

  • NEEDS:

    Chocolate, coffee, and probably air and water.

Sam is a Multidisciplinary designer with skills ranging from Illustration, Branding and Publication, to User Experience, Interaction and interface design.

Why can I claim these skills?   

I Graduated from UTS with First Class Honours in a Bachelor of Fashion, Textile and Graphic design, followed by a Post Graduate degree of UX and UI Web design. I was awarded a full scholarship to Oxford University, UK in their PhD Philosophy program for my Thesis on gender construction and conformity.

What do I love to do?

I love conceptualising design and thinking outside whatever shape you give me. Sharing my idea’s and thought processes any means necessary— writing copy, creating a deck, water cooler chats, drawing on the wall, telepathicl… I wish.

Point is, let's dive in, flesh it out, and make some bloody cool stuff. 

And what I want to work towards?

I am pursuing a career in conceptually lead design, to create experiential and engaging designed, drawn, physical and tech-driven works with a highly collaborative and proficient team where each member is striving to create the untold story.

Digital Designer | Artmaker | Weirdo

Say Hi!  I'd love to hear from you.